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Forgiveness is the conscious decision to not hold ill will toward someone or some people.

It is a matter of the heart to love your enemy.

What it is NOT is condoning of forgetting what harm has been done to you and it is wise to remember to remain cautious.

Think of it this way: If the hungry wolf is at your door, there is no need to resent the wolf, but it is certainly not wise to open the door and let it in.

Welcome to Clear Cognition1.

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1 The phrase “clear cognition” is a legitimate psychology term meaning “thinking clearly”. It has been used by Scientology in a rather perverse fashion in their pseudoscience. ClearCognition.org has absolutely no connection to Scientology nor, for that matter, any other religious or pseudoscience organization. On the other hand, ClearCognition.org is not an anti-religious organization either and encourages people to avail of their religious traditions. ClearCognition presents courses licensed from “The More to Life” organization and material from “Living Yes”.
2 "Happy Kittens" are pictures by Milena obtained through the open source site Listal.