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What are the two questions that God is asking? Are you answering them?

How connected are you to reality? Take this quiz to find out.

"What is happening to Truth, Integrity and Honesty?" is a quote from Erick Fromm.

A presentation about the serpent given before Bethel Presbyterian Church.

Is anger throughout the world inevitable?

Truman Capote on the nature of God.

Blame: This is probably the most distructive force at the command of evil. In the state of blaming one losses ones life, self esteam and happiness.

Wisdom is more than having knowledge and insight for good judgement. It is also the
ability to adjust the cognitive process to yield judgements in alignment with reality. - JBC

Every minute of your life God is asking you two questions. "How much do you love me now?" and "Now, what do you choose to do?"
One is wise to always answer the first question honestly, whether positive or negative, so that one can wisely answer the second question. - BKB

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