The following is a list of slide shows in
EXE, PDF, HTML without automatic advance
and HTML with automatic advance formats.

The EXE format has sound files for more clarity.  EXP files need to be downloaded to run.  This is the recommended file since some of the explanation is available in the sound.  To use this file, download it and then run the file.  (I promise, I did not embed a virus.)

The PDF files lack sound files.  You need an Adobe Reader for this file.

The HTML without automatic advance files have sound files but no automatic advance.

The HTML with automatic advance files have sound files but you need to make sure that your browser is set to Reload, Refresh and Redirect.  See the note below to find out how to enable the Reload, Refresh and Redirect in your browser.

• The Cognitive Behavioral Cycle**

EXE file*

PDF file

HTML link - no auto-advance

HTML link - with auto-advance

*Some OSs may have problems with this file.  If that is the case, try this link .  The resolution, however, will be poor.
**©copyright by James B. Condon 2014. All rights reserved. However, you are welcome to use this material provided no alterations are made.

How to set your browser to accept the automatic advance feature is given here for the two most popular browsers:
For Firefox these step: Button (or Tools) → Options → |Advanced| → General → AccessibilityGeneral → [] Warn me when Websites try to redirect or reload the page
Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Security → (Button)Custom Level → (scroll) Allow Meta Refresh → Enable

A link for a continuous-looping slideshow for The Cognitive Behavioral Cycle