The Power of Self Esteem

Requesting a Custom course

Purpose of The Power of Self Esteem:

To learn the tools and skills that develop your ability to enhance your self esteem and to awaken the self esteem in others.

If you have a group of six or more people that wish to take the Power of Self Esteem course, the following are the details you need to know.

The Power of Self Esteem is a six session course.  It is usually taught one day a week for six weeks.  It would be possible to teach it two days a week for three weeks.  It is recommended that if the three week format is followed, then the days in one week not be successive days.

The cost of the Power of Self Esteem course is $125 per person provided that there is no expense for the venue.

The materials for the course are provided at no addtional cost.

Venue: Where you would like it.  At the location, it is definitely preferred that a TV monitor that has a plug-in for a laptop be available.  If this is not available contact the instructor for a solution.

We would be happy to present a preview session for interested groups.

Contact James Condon at (865) 376-4420 or for more details and a proposed schedule as outlined above.