The Purpose for the Clear Cognition organization

Purpose: is established to teach new methods of cognition to relieve anxiety, depression and other mental dysfunctional thinking. Methodologies include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness CBT (MCBT) methods.

Courses that are offered to teach tools and skills that enable the students to enhance the quality of their lives.  With proficiency, the students will be able to use these tools and skills to help others to break through to an enhanced quality in their lives as well. is a non-profit organization with volunteer teachers and help.   All proceeds in excess of expenses will be distributed to other organizations that help with mental health and education.

Course offerings

Power of Self Esteem*:

Purpose of Power of Self Esteem is to learn the tools and skills that develop your ability to enhance your self esteem and to awaken the self esteem in others.

Power of Purpose*:

The Power of Purpose reveals the true nature of personal effectiveness and lets you become aware of when you are really “on purpose” and when you're not.  At the core of the work is the insight that purpose is a product of what our goals really mean to us.


* The Power of Purpose and The Power of Self Esteem are taught under license from The More to Life organization and are certified by ANSI/AICET for continuing education credit.