Here are some quotes from people who have taken the course.

In answer to the following question:

"What would you like us to know about your experience of the course?"

The students wrote:

Being in the SEE Course with individuals I know or now know, is a great benefit to me!  In the past I constantly questioned myself - with respect to my responses to others.  Acceptance being my “love language” – although I did not “love” myself.  Being more apt to ”Love ‹name_deleted›.”  Stopping the voice within.

Realizing that I am not alone in the struggle to find positive feedback from my own mind.

I was not sure if this course would be beneficial (I did not think that I was lacking self esteem.) but I knew I could improve and yes it forced me to reconsider the former approach using the Esteem Generator.

Wonderful course!  I learned valuable tools that I was able to utilize quickly.  Very uplifting and helpful.

I enjoyed the course very much.  I learned a lot of tools now I can handle life-shocks.  It was soothing to listen to the CDs.

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"What is your next step, based on what you have learned about yourself in this course?"

The students wrote:

To realize that I am not alone in the struggle to find positive feedback from my own mind.

Constant reminder to: Acknowledge myself for all the good I do, thus opening myself for opportunities to give myself kudos!  Using the tool of the Esteem Generator.  Practice, practice, practice!!

Continue the group (support group) ‹ ed. note: these are called e-groups ›

Continue to search for truth and happiness and Practice, practice, practice.

I want to treat all people friendly.

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"Is there anything you would like the mentor(s)/team to know about the way they led this course?"

The students wrote:

The mentor led the course in a very friendly and calming way.

I think the mentor/team had the right balance to staying focused on the course as well as addressing the needs of the students.

I particularly liked the ebb and flow of the open discussions.  I found it easier to learn while watching others work the processes.

After explaining the goals of the SEE Course: allow members to absorb the basics.
Emphases - Clearing Process
The Principals of false cause
Practice the Deception Generator until the process becomes "second nature"
‹ ed. note: These three are names of some methodologies learned in the course. ›

I appreciate your help.

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"Can you and will you freely recomment the Power of Self Esteem to others?  If so, please tell us why.  If not, please tell us why."

The students wrote:

I have already recommended the course to a friend who recently lost his wife.

I am delighted to share what I have learned.  People who experience this program will readily recognize the snares in relationships with others, being able to resolve misunderstandings and grow in their relationships.  I see directly see improvement in myself.

Yes.  It was a liberating experience and, I feel, offers a path to relief and honesty.

I thing everyone could benefit from this course mainly when realizing that often our precepts are not correct.  But at the end, using the Esteem generator will bring people in the right state of mind.

I will freely recommend the Power of Self Esteem to others, because I am convinced that other people can also get benefits out of the course.

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"Is there anything else you would like us to know?"

The students wrote:

Thanks to you, the members of the group, and Ralph ‹ ed. note: a team member › for their patience as I learned to become a more complete, caring person.  This course is a "God Sent".  Daily, while growing closer to Christ, I understand this experience as Christ blesses me!  This course is instrumental in bring my decision to ...‹ ed. note: ? ›

Good course, great participants.

My mentor was very skilled at gently steering me to finding my own "Aha"s and "I see"s.  His approach to the processes allowed me to not feel scared of "on the spot" and able to participate openly.

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