Information about Clear Cognition organization structure

The Clear Cognition organization board of directors:

  • James B. Condon, Chairman

  • Gisela Condon, Board Member

  • Ralph Hubbard, Board Member

  • Eve Herinkova, Board Member

The Purpose of Clear Cognition as stated in its charter

To teach the tools and skills to enable the student to enhance self esteem, enhance life purposes, promote better relationships, and enhance abilities to cope with life challenges and opportunities.  The tools and skills are taught in such a way that the student could be able to use and teach these tools and skills to help others.

Methodologies used by Clear Cognition as stated in its charter is established to teach new methods of cognition to relieve anxiety, depression and other mental dysfunctional thinking. Methodologies include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness CBT (MCBT) methods.