Welcome to Clear Cognition

Welcome to Clear Cognition1.


I'm jumping at this opportunity!2 I'm high on More to Life!2

The next Power of Self Esteem in Kingston will start on March 2nd.
A free preview session will be presented on February 23rd  For details, click here.

To watch a SlideShow that explains the fundamentals of the Cognitive-Behavioral Cycle,  click here.

Click here to read what students who have finished The Power of Self Esteem course have written about it.

Do you have a group of six or more people that wish to take the Power of Self Esteem course?  If so click on this link to get details about the course and what the requirements are to present the course especially for your group.

Wisdom is more than having knowledge and insight for good judgement.   It is also the
ability to adjust the cognitive process to yield judgements in alignment with reality.

1 The phrase “clear cognition” is a legitimate psychology term meaning “thinking clearly”.  It has been used by Scientology in a rather perverse fashion in their pseudoscience.  ClearCognition.org has absolutely no connection to Scientology nor, for that matter, any other religious or pseudoscience organization.  On the other hand, ClearCognition.org is not an anti-religious organization either and encourages people to avail of their religious traditions.  ClearCognition presents courses licensed from “The More to Life” organization and material from “Living Yes”.
2 "Happy Kittens" are pictures by Milena obtained through the open source site Listal.